The beginning years of a child’s life are the most significate in relation to a child’s learning and development. At Learn Smart Early Learning Centre we believe children should be guided through these years with guidance support.

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Our Educators build trusting relationships with families, ensuring that every families needs are being met. We aim to always provide a high quality childcare service. We embed a program based on the Early Years Learning Framework ensuring we meet the National Quality Standards.

Within a year of opening we met all the quality areas, in our assessment and rating.


We believe children learn through play, therefore our activities and experiences are set up to engage children.


We provide healthy and nutritious meals every day and can cater for any dietary requirement.

The beginning years of a child’s life are the most significant

Learn Smart Early Learning Centres is a family owned centre. We have a dedicated team who will provide high quality care for your child. We offer the children a fun, creative, safe, healthy and caring environment in which they will learn and grow. Creative play, interactive learning and use of innovative programs are some of the ways we plan to develop your child as an independent individual in todays fast pace challenging environment.

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Indoor & Outdoor Activities

Children’s fine and gross motor skills are strengthened and developed through a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor activities including manipulative play and other physical activities such as running and skipping.

Environment Encouraged

Maths and science concepts along with natural aspects of our environment are encouraged through block play, building, cooking, water play, collecting harmless leaves and insects.


Language development is encouraged through staff modelling, news, show and tell, story time, games, poems and drama.

Wide Range of Activities

School readiness as well as social/emotional and independence skills are strengthened through a wide range of activities designed to enhance a child’s senses.