Child Care Subsidy


Government assistance

Families may be eligible to apply for Child Care Subsidy (CCS).  If you are to apply for CCS, your work status and household income will need to be assessed by the Family Assistance Office (FAO).  The FAO will determine the number of hours the family is entitled to receive CCS for and the percentage to calculate fees.  All families receiving CCS will still need to pay a GAP fee.  The GAP fee is the out of pocket expense that you will pay to the centre.  Should you have any queries, please contact the FAO on 13 61 50.

The FAO allows 42 days absence per child per year.  Included in the 42 days are public holidays and any other day your child is absent. After that time, the family will need to provide a medical certificate from their medical practitioner.  It will be up to the centre whether to claim this absence as an allowable absence.

Families are not entitled to claim CCS before they commence care or after they cease care.  If your child is absent in the last week of the termination of care notice period, they will not be entitled to the rebate for that time.  Parents will be expected to pay full fees during this period.