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Our Programs & Inclusions

Our teaching – learning programs at Berwick Early Learning Centre and Lyndhurst Kindergarten Centre are highly reflective of the creative, interactive and integrative aspects of curriculum and cognition through the mixed model of NQS and Hey dee ho. Through early literacy, numeracy and environmental stimulation to bolster social and emotional development, children form a nucleus of our curriculum program.

  • Knowledge of the concepts and cognitive input as per the age
  • Skills of thinking and problem solving
  • Understanding of the concepts by connecting them to similar concepts
  • Application of the concepts into real world


Our centres follow various assessment methods and practices that model the child’s early scholastic behaviors into an ideal outcome. Formative assessment is widely used in association with continual observations at our centres. Learning stories and communication are the key indicators of the child’s progression and understanding. Questioning and eliciting responses through stories enable us to gain a better insight into the child’s thought processes and also proves to be a safe way to assess without the child feeling nervous or petrified. Thus monitoring the progressions of the children across various conceptual understanding, knowledge and application outcomes is not only done through play and fun activities but the structured guidelines that are followed in the conduction of the same ensures an objective and standardised reporting of the teaching and learning outcomes that have been met.

Connecting With Families

To ensure better individual outcomes and learning, we have our curriculum programs incorporated. Extending our child inclusive education program further, we ensure that the parents/ guardians are connected with us. We use online platforms such as Xplor Home and Xplor Playground to connect with families of the children. This puts the value of the child’s education beyond classrooms and extends to the world outside.


We have partnered with Xplor which is a very useful Childcare Software Program. Access to these will be given during the enrollment process.

  • Xplor is a simple, secure and user-friendly mobile app for our childcare and kindergarten families.
  • Families have convenient 24×7 access and view their child’s photos and learning and development status.
  • Parents and guardians can use the app for easy communication between them and their child’s educators.
  • Xplor is useful for both home and playground connectivity


Our partnership with Hey dee ho ensures that Music, Activ 8 and Fun-Key Yoga Programs add a more holistic way of ensuring better childhood education for young children.

  • Hey dee ho is a specialised program that provides extensive educational topics and experiences with fun and creative movement programs specifically designed for the early learning years.
  • The Hey dee ho program is a combination program, bringing together movement of sports and fitness, music and dance, Yoga and meditation all in the one program.
  • Hey dee ho specialises in age-appropriate classes for nursery, toddler, pre–kinder and kinder age groups.

We have incursions that add further valuable knowledge to the core learning.  Other than the Hey dee ho, we book further incursions, depending on the events, to extend the children’s learning outcomes. These incursions instil the importance of festivals in their lives, add the value of life around safety, health, environment and personal well-being.

Appetizing Meals

  • Our meals are nutritionally balanced with a 4 week rotating menu.
  • The menu is consistent with the Australian Government guidelines of Get Up & Grow: Healthy Eating and Physical Activity for Early Childhood, and/or Australian Dietary Guidelines.
  • The meals allow for exploration of new foods and culturally different meals.
  • Our commercial kitchen provides for all dietary requirements charted by food nutritionists and child experts after due diligence.
  • Meals are nutritious and delicious too keeping the children’s eating habits.
  • Our customised meals extend to not providing nut and egg ingredients in the meals, supplementing with other ingredients that don’t trigger allergies.

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  • Daily essentials are provided by our centre so as to not have a fretful parenting time
  • These essentials include sunscreens, nappies, wipes, nutritious meals, bedding for nap time, excursions and incursions
  • The children’s upkeep essentials are included in our fees.
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Acknowledgement of Country

“Learn Smart Early Learning Centre respectfully acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land on which our Centre is built, their spirits, ancestors, elders, and community members past and present”. 

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