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At Learn Smart Early Learning Centres, we believe that the early years of a child’s life are the most significant. Our family owned and operated long day care centre with integrated 4 year kindergarten has a team of professional and dedicated educators who can provide high-quality education and care to all children attending our long day care centre and kindergarten.

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Our Child Care and Kindergarten Programs

Our purpose built state of the art child care centre in Berwick, Child care in Clyde North and the first choice by locals child care Lyndhurst provide a fun, creative, safe, healthy and caring environment which support children as they learn, develop and grow. Our Early Childhood Learning programs include creative play, interactive learning and the use of innovative software for young age,  pre kinder and kindergarten children. These programs are tailored to a child’s individual skills and needs, working as a foundation to challenge them and develop independence. Our Pre Kinder services are an excellent start for your child before attending Kindergarten and safe learning environment at our long day care centres.


Kindyhub is a simple, secure and user-friendly mobile app for our childcare and kindergarten families. All families attending Learn Smart Early Learning Centres long day care will be able to conveniently access and view their child’s photos and learning and development status. In addition, parents and guardians can use the app for easy communication between them and their child’s educators.

Families can enjoy 24/7 access to their child’s educational experiences at long day care centres of Learn Smart Early Learning Centres. This allows them to provide valuable input and feedback, enabling the educators at our centre to continually refine and customise the education and learning journey.


Children attending Learn Smart Early Learning Centres will have the exciting opportunity to join in with our Jumparoo classes. Jumparoo is an educational, fun and creative movement program specifically designed for the early learning years.

Jumparoo is a specialised program that has an extensive range of topics and experiences, all colourfully themed with fun activities, original songs and props. The Jumparoo program is a combination of sports and fitness, music and dance, Yoga and meditation all in the one program.

Jumparoo specialises in age-appropriate classes for nursery, toddler, pre–kinder and kinder age groups. Jumparoo is available at Learn Smart Early Learning Centre’s Child care in Berwick / Child Care in Clyde North and Child Care in Lyndhurst.

Learn Smart Early Learning Centre Meals Menu


All meals are prepared daily in our childcare centre commercial kitchen. Our menus cater for all dietary requirements and ensure that fresh, nutritional and delicious meals are served on a consistent basis. In addition, we are a nut and egg free long day care centre.


You do not have to worry about sending or forgetting to send daily essentials. Necessities are provided without any extra charges as part of our Long Day Care Services.

Included in our fees are:

  • Sunscreens
  • Nappies
  • Wipes
  • Nutritious Meals
  • Bedding
  • Excursions
  • Incursions
Learn Smart Early Learning Centre Inclusions

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Learn Smart Early Learning Centres are an excellent choice for the long day care and education of children. Contact our child care centre in Berwick / Clyde North or child care centre in Lyndhurst today to learn more, get your questions answered, discuss fees or submit an enrolment application.

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Our Centres

Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre

170 – 172 Aylmer Road,
Lyndhurst, VIC – 3975.
Phone: 03 9702 8434, 03 8725 0219

Berwick (Clyde North) Childcare Centre

193-195 Soldiers Rd,
Berwick (Clyde North).
Phone: 03 8789 3717