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In the centrum of teaching-learning setup

Welcome to the Centre that centralises its focus on your child. Your child is in the core of our Learning Centre’s four year integrated setup. Early Years or the Foundational Years of a child are extremely vital for later academic progression. The educational uptake in these crucial years influence the Children’s skills application later in life. Our curriculum framework is based on the National Quality Standards for early education and childcare. The new and improved NQS – National quality standards in 2012 have been implemented across our centres so that childcare, preschool/kindergarten education and family day care are adequately covered.

The EYLF (Early Years Learning Framework) is absorbed into our teaching-learning principles, practices and outcomes that enhance child development in young learners till five years and also enable them for school transition.

The Guidelines and Outcomes

We and You Make Them

Integrated Teaching and Learning

We ensure that your child gets to learn concepts in an integrated way that does away with fitting concepts into subject boxes. Integration of every concept across various fields and disciplines ensures a holistic learning. Children in this process become independent, strong and involved learners and this foundation helps them in school transition too.

Foundational Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes when checked from early childhood itself ensures a fairness of conceptual learning. Children learn to connect with the outside world and feel a sense of contribution to the world through community activities.

Intuitively Experienced Educators

Needs to be rephrased - Educators associated with us have insights into child psychology. Effective communication by educators and centre management is an important principle we abide by to ensure that the learning outcomes are met.

Child-Centred Curriculum Setup

Curriculum standards and benchmarks by the Australian Education are already integrated in the centre setup, facilities and the teaching-learning outcomes. This ensures a totalitarian approach to curriculum being sensitively and constructively used. A strong sense of identity and well-being is reinforced in the child through the facilities, resources and family interaction for the children’s holistic development.

Welcome to Learn Smart Early Learning Centres

New Families

As families centre their focus on every child within their fold, they always hold education in high esteem for it is through education that the child can make a great pathway forward. So, here we are to make that choice and pathway easy to lead for you and your child. We can never lessen the importance of the first five years of a child’s life and this particular philosophy of ensuring that they believe and become a better person motivates us to bring our educators in a close knit with the learners and develop methods to fine tune the curriculum in the learning setup. We welcome you – parents and guardians – to come and be fully immersed in the beautiful blooming of your child from a bud to a better person each year!


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Learn Smart Early Learning Centre is a Sun Smart Centre which means all the centres are member of the SunSmart Schools and Early Childhood Membership Program to help raise awareness about skin cancer prevention and sun protection. All the centres have their own comprehensive, evidence-based Sun Safe Policy to reduce UV exposure and associated risks.

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Acknowledgement of Country

“Learn Smart Early Learning Centre respectfully acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land on which our Centre is built, their spirits, ancestors, elders, and community members past and present”. 

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