Yes, all booked days must be paid for. The FAO allows 42 days of absences per child per year. Included in the 42 days are public holidays and any other day your child is absent. After that time, the family will need to provide a medical certificate from their medical practitioner. It will be up to the centre whether to claim this absence as an allowable absence.

If you are planning holidays, a holiday application form is available from the office. This form must be filled out two weeks prior to the first day of leave to receive half price fees. Half price fees are for up to four weeks per financial year.

To ensure the health and wellbeing of all children and staff at the centre, children who are ill or suffering from an infectious disease must be isolated from other children and therefore excluded from Child Care for specific periods of time. If a staff member suspects a child is suffering from an infectious illness, one of the parents will be contacted and asked to collect the child. A clearance letter will be required from your medical practitioner to notify that the child is well enough to return to care.

We follow regular observation methods which are noted in observational sheets along with the formative assessment method that’s filed in through activities, worksheets and oral responses to the educator’s questions. We follow play-based curriculum teaching so our assessment methods are subtle without disturbing the children’s routine learning.

Parents/ Guardians can meet the educators only with prior appointment. They can request it by filling the form available at our centre office.

Excursions have been allocated separate fees and fees for community activities if needed are communicated by the centre to the families.

You can check the eligibility here. For more information, you can connect to our centre office and get detailed information for the same.

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Acknowledgement of Country

“Learn Smart Early Learning Centre respectfully acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land on which our Centre is built, their spirits, ancestors, elders, and community members past and present”. 

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