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Sustainability in Childcare

Sustainability is an extremely important aspect of modern life. People are becoming increasingly mindful of how their actions impact the local and global environment. As a result, they’re adapting and developing new ways of interacting with the world to preserve and protect it from human-induced damage. At Learn Smart Early Learning Centres, we’re passionate about sustainability in the early years. At our child care in Berwick / Child care in Clyde North, Child care in Lyndhurst, we endeavour to educate children from an early age to recognise, understand and appreciate the value of sustainable practices.

Sustainable Practices in Childcare

We cover various aspects of sustainability at our Long day care centre Berwick and long day care centre Lyndhurst centres. We aim to be as energy-efficient as possible in terms of how we operate, and we teach children to be mindful of their own energy usage as well. In addition, our early childhood learning environment aims to teach children to practice sustainability in everyday action. At our long day care centres, we encourage them to participate in gardening, composting, recycling and other programs to develop a mindfulness that will inform their future attitudes and decisions.

Our environmental sustainability also supports our educators. We have appropriate policies in place to promote sustainable practices such as setting up effective messaging, distributing newsletters, developing calendars, using composting bins, conserving water, purchasing eco-friendly equipment, providing books, and more. Our early childhood learning environment is conducive to developing eco-friendly everyday practices at our childcare centres.

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Learn Smart Early Learning Centres is at the forefront of sustainability within the early childhood education sector. Contact us today and our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about sustainability in early childhood centres.